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Commercial Locksmith

Commercial Locksmith, Local And Expert Locksmith

Do You Need A Commercial Locksmith?

Car Locksmith Cupertino provides emergency commercial locksmith services in Cupertino. Our specialty in residential security service for homes and businesses in Cupertino at very competitive prices. Our customers are happy with our re-keying services, which conveniently changes the keys to your present locks. This re-keying system will ensure safety and peace of mind knowing that no one can enter your home or apartment.

Master Key System Locksmiths in Cupertino: We manufacture and service all keys including master keys and standard house hold keys. Most home and business owner’s waste time and money by replacing deadbolts instead of simply replacing their keys. Since these leys are built of compounds that deteriorate and lose their form after years of use.

We specialize in the following locksmith services in the Cupertino area:

  • Master System
  • Deadbolt Door Knob
  • Mail Box
  • Locks Repair
  • Changing Locks
  • Door Closer Installation
  • Locked Doors Opened
  • Panic Bars Installed
  • Lockset Repair
  • Aluminum Door Pivots
  • Break-In Repairs

The Deadbolt lock is the most important security feature That is used to lock your front house of business door. The Deadbolt gets its name as it has no spring to operate the lock itself. The bolts operate manually using a key and or thumb turn from the outside. Deadbolt locks the door to the frame and prevents someone from trying to open the door. The Deadbolt is popularly used on external doors for security purposes, usually apartment building doors. The Deadbolt is made in a manner that the fit size is indeed particular to the size holes and backsets. Backset is actually the distance between the edge of the doorway and center of the handle.

  • Single-cylinder deadbolt: They are operated with a key from Outside and a turn button on the interior. Single-cylinder deadbolts are mostly used with solid metal and wood doors.
  • Double-cylinder deadbolt: This type of deadbolt is operated with a key from both inside and out. It is most appropriate for doors with glass in or around them.

Locksmith Services: Locking Mailbox

We have been providing many condominium and apartment Buildings with installation and service of the many mailbox compartments and locks. All our manufactures mailboxes are built to last and are assembled of weatherproof materials. We provide fast service for any emergency situations that might occur. Our manufactures mailboxes are approved by the Postal General.

Do You Need A Commercial Locksmith?


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